About Us


At our core, we are here to change lives and help you achieve your aspirations. We are passionate about our purpose, our people and our products, all aligned to help you succeed.

We know people learn differently and that is why we have spent hundreds of hours perfecting our proven learning methodology and training sessions to have them be a transformational experience for each student. To accomplish this, we take into consideration the fact that when stress is high and the stakes are higher, students are open to developing the positive mindset and habits needed to drive their success.

We have equipped all our students with the knowledge and confidence they need to walk out our doors, into their exams, and onto the next stage of their careers.


We train the whole person as success is not just about mastering the material, it is also about mastering your mindset. Because of this, we offer a blended approach to learning that equip our students with tools to increase focus and lessen anxiety so they can perform their best. We invite students to combine our live and on-demand training while we provide data-driven outreach which put them in the strongest position to reach exam-readiness in the shortest possible time.


Our dedication to education can be seen in our learning strategy, our faculty, coaches, and instructors, who are not just experienced academics-but also practitioners who know firsthand, being former candidates themselves, what it takes to pass the exams and succeed in the real world. We are committed to seeing each candidate succeed as is evident in our high pass rate and the self-imposed career goals each candidate achieves after realizing their greatest potential that lies within them.

Vanessa Whyte

Vanessa Whyte


Where Experience Meets Enthusiasm

Founded by educational professionals , Exam Preparation Academy (EPA) was established in 2020 by Vanessa Whyte. With extensive educational training and development experience and talented technical advisors, Miss. Whyte designed a broad range of training programs to meet the needs of students while taking the industry into the future of learning.